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Visualizing Texture



Years ago, after a meditation retreat, I went out on a magical spring day with my camera, and I reflected on a teaching of the Buddha: in the seeing, there is just that which is seen. The eye sees color and form. The rest comes from our minds, which create reactions, meaning, emotions, and stories. I realized then that this is even truer of the camera. My photography became more of a conscious evocation of experience rather than an attempt to capture it literally.


I take the pictures as I find them, without rearranging or manipulation. When I process the images later, I can investigate, reinforce or even change the feeling of the piece by cropping, by manipulating the color and lighting, and even by turning the picture upside-down or sideways.


This collection of images focuses on texture, using pattern and color as the visual base. They are single images from my camera, not digital collages.

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