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Ruth Nelson

Ruth Nelson is a Watertown artist, meditation coach, and weight-lifter who came to Massachusetts to study mathematics at MIT. Her career was in computer network security research, with a particular emphasis on understanding the usefulness and limitations of models. This work, along with her mathematics education and her years of meditation practice, leads her to embrace alternative ways of seeing the world. Ruth’s photography and mixed-media work has been shown in a number of venues, including Concord Art, Arsenal Center for the Arts, and Fitness Together Belmont. She participated in a small-group, juried show, “Perceptions of Self,” at Arsenal Center for the Arts and she had solo shows in 2015 at the Faneuil branch of the Boston Public Library and at the Belmont Media Center. One of Ruth’s pictures, of a Buddhist ordination ceremony in Thailand, was featured in a calendar by the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Wisconsin.

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